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Everything we do is to show (big) data in intuitive ways so that our customer can make better decisions, faster.

We are proud to be a HSG spin-off. We provide you with the best research concepts integrated into modern software solutions.

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Since data is the most important asset in the 21th century, we take it seriously. We provide infrastructure locations in Germany, Switzerland, and can add more.

Services are normally provided as Software as a Service (SaaS). If you need in-house hosting - let us know!

Skill Navigator
Manage the skills of your employees. Set a standard for OPEX and be quick in services.
Manage and calculate complexity costs in (big) product portfolios. Solutions for the Complexity Manager.
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We also provide taylor-made systems and are open for joint ventures.
It is about speed

Manage complexity

Using data for gathering insights has become crucial to stay competitive.
We are a small boutique that helps you sprint forward into the data age with innovative approaches.

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